Due to technical issues, some of Sustainable Development's air quality monitoring stations have been unable to load the collected data to the Manitoba Air Quality Website. The monitoring equipment itself continues to operate; it is only the interface to the database that is not functioning effectively at this time. Once the issues have been resolved, the historical data will be available via the "Reports" function on the website
Welcome to the Manitoba Air Quality website:
1.Under the 'Map' menu, current station conditions can be observed via an interactive map in the 'Station Locations' option.
2.The 'Recent Values' section will allow you to quickly browse the last measured values of various parameters at the stations.
3.Historical data can be viewed in the 'Reports' menu, with a number of different viewing options.
4.Data found on this website may be preliminary and is subject to change. Data is in Central Standard Time format - no adjustment for daylight savings time.